We offer a safe, gentle, holistic approach for sexual healing, empowerment, and awakening using the tools of yoga.

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The full Yoga for Sexual Wellness course is for women who hear the deeper calling to take their sexuality to the next level.

You already understand that the body, mind, and spirit are woven together as one. You know that total transformation requires addressing the full spectrum of who & what you are. We offer a path & community to support you while you master your sexual skills and step into your true sensual & creative power to live an orgasmic, connected, soulful life.

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What you get with Yoga for Sexual Wellness

  • Everything in our mini-courses and much more put together in a comprehensive, transformational program
  • Two 1:1 personal coaching sessions
  • Monthly group coaching
  • Access to exclusive content
    • Learn to master your Stress Response & Resilience
    • Meditation & Pranayama for mastering the body-mind
    • Awaken the Yoni-Throat Connection
    • Find Your Authentic Voice
    • Bonus Course: Orgasmic Manifestation - awaken to your powers of sex magic
    • Bonus Course: Awake & Expressed to learn about masculine and feminine communication styles
  • 96+ page Coursebook with journal exercises, additional teaching topics & contemplations to take you deeper
  • Asana Track with clearly defined milestones & goals to guide you through your physical progress
  • Materials paced out over 8 three-week module sections (24 weeks total) with an option to move faster or slower (at your own pace)
  • Low screen-time commitment, the bulk of your work is done off the screen
  • Online community to connect and share with other women doing this same work
  • Immediate access to materials
  • Lifetime access to materials
  • 30-Day money back guarantee
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I want to...

Master my sexuality

  • Tap into my deepest capacity for pleasure
  • Embrace sensuality as my superpower
  • Feel confident having my needs met
  • Have wildly satisfying sex & intimacy

Live an orgasmic life

  • Live by my intuition & heart
  • Wire my body-mind for pleasure and satisfaction
  • Embrace self-care as a practice and a privilege
  • Feel fully expressed & seen

Master my pelvic floor

  • Effectively and compassionately work with my tension & pain
  • Restore balance & function
  • Build strength & flexibility for stronger, more intense orgasms
  • Develop more control over when I orgasm

Master my stress response

  • Release stressors & pain stories around my body, sexuality, relationships, and pleasure
  • Support my body in its natural balance through its processes
  • Feel safe and at home in my body
YES I want it all!

Amanda, Entrepreneur

"Since the YSW immersion, I've been growing sexually by leaps and bounds. I decided to swear off my vibrator a couple months ago (the only way I used to be able to climax for my entire adult life) and today I threw it away! I'm feeling so empowered! Gone with it are the beliefs that I am sexually handicapped and broken. In it's place... loving where I am at, trusting my body, my partner, and embracing intimacy. Thank you so much for your role in my growth! Thank you for your sacred work and all you do!!!"

With a long history of women's oppression, abuse, and objectification we are in the unique position of having to forge our own path towards awakened & embodied sexuality.

Embrace the fullness of your sexuality. You don't have to do it alone.

Morgan, Massage Therapist

"Emily's classes are so powerful because she passionately explores, embodies and expresses the work she presents. I love her insightfulness and full range of all the levels of what it means to come into your sexuality and identity."

Step into a clear vision of your Highest Sexual Self.

Learn to integrate your sexuality & spirituality with us. 

Go all the way

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason, you aren't satisfied we will refund your money.