Yoga Mini-Course teaching you Lifelong Skills to Release Tension in the Female Pelvis & Pelvic Floor

The pelvis is the seat of the sexual self...


...Start here to build healthy foundations for pleasure, sensuality, and feminine radiance.

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Five Yoga Classes

  • Restorative Yoga (60 minutes)
  • 3 Flow Classes for Stretching the Pelvic Floor & Increasing Pelvic Floor Circulation (30-40 minutes each)
  • Pelvic Discovery Class - get to know your pelvic posture (60 minute instructional, experiential class)

These guided yoga practices will help you feel an immediate release of tension in the pelvis & pelvic floor. Our classes are designed using precise yoga cues that will teach you lasting skills for working with your pelvic floor. Right now, for stretching - and later for building strength and muscle isolation.

With our techniques and practice, you will learn techniques that will help your pelvic posture in your yoga practice, exercises, sex, and life habits!

Holistic Pelvic Floor Education

  • Pelvic Health & Anatomy Lecture (27 minutes)
  • Bonus: Bladder Training Tips Handout

Our approach to pelvic health & anatomy will help you build knowledge that teaches your the role pelvic floor as a part of your entire body. The pelvic floor is the bottom of your core, and is intricately connected to your breathing function.

In this lecture we'll show you common signs and symptoms and pelvic floor tension & pelvic floor laxity, and teach you the formula for our embodied approach to pelvic floor wellness.

Find your deepest sensation & pleasure through our philosophy & practices for pelvic floor health!

Relaxation Practices

  • Guided Pelvic Floor Relaxation Audio (17 minute practice, with detailed instructional video)
  • Restorative Yoga Class (60 minutes)
  • Bonus: Trauma-informed practice 'Nesting' (20 minutes)
  • Bonus: Internal Yoni Self- Massage

Unpacking stored stress from the hips and deep belly is foundational for sinking into deeper pleasure and connection with yourself. Whether from trauma, pervasive stress or bad posture habits -tenson is tension. Many of us are so used to being tense that we don't even know how it's effecting us.

The more you practice relaxation, the better and easier it becomes. We invite you to be a master of your own relaxation and experience the bliss of feeling totally safe. 


~ Classes and lessons are pre-recorded
~ Go at your own pace
~ Get immediate, unlimited access


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Unlock the Secret Pathway to Your Pleasure

Whether you experience...

  • Pelvic Pain
  • Painful Sex
  • Low Libido
  • Anxiety
  • Numbness
  • Dissociation
  • Feeling like you don't own your sexuality

Or, you just want to start building your healthiest sexual self from the ground up...

"Unlock" is the mini-course where every joyful, sexually embodied, wild woman's journey begins.

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Stretch & Tone the Pelvic Floor

Reduce Pain

Increase Sensation

Learn Skills for a Lifetime

Feel Relaxed

Develop Your Inner Psychic Sensing

Build Strong Neural Pathways for Pleasure

Feel At-Home in Your Body

Feel Safe in Your Body

Tone the Nervous System

Mind-Body-Spirit Tension Release

Support Core Stability

"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it."




"My deepest intention for you - aside from learning these skills - is that you start to unlock your inner healing guru. Real healing comes from  working with your pain & tension in an intelligent, compassionate, curious, and gentle way. Here in the yoga room is where you harness your personal power, develop a sense of inner alignment, and connect with your inner compass that guides you on your health & wellness path."

-Emily Rae Davies, Sexual Embodiment Coach, Yogini, and Founder of Yoga for Sexual Wellness

Morgan, Age 34

“Emily Davies classes are so powerful because she passionately explores, practices and embodies the work she presents. I love her insightfulness and full range of all the levels of what it means to come into your own sexuality and identity. I love this work!”

Sandra, Age 62

"Working with Emily gives me the assurance that I’m doing poses correctly and safely.  Her knowledge of the physical body is amazingly proficient but her ability to guide you to the purpose of the pose through a detailed instruction is meditative.  So great for your body and your spirit."

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